Friday, December 26, 2008

Because I love seeing it work!

Written by Claudia Orgill

I have to admit, quite often (and I love these times) I am surprised at the fact that homeschooling works! For whatever reason I just assumed people need to be pushed and told what to learn in order to progress intellectually and educationally. But, especially lately, I step back and see where the kids are heading and am amazed.

For instance Tyra is naturally interested in: German, playing the harp, playing the piano, embroidery, art, sign language, serving others, and writing stories. Ethan is interested in: China, Chinese, karate, inventions, workbooks, science, and most recently, audio book novels. I just find it amazing! There's so much to work with and it's...exciting.

I love being able to tap into so many resources to help these natural interests blossom and I love that it gives us even more excuses to turn to the Lord and ask for his assistance in their progression.

So often I excitedly think of them having all these interests fully developed and am in awe at what kind of people they will have become and who all they can benefit with the developing qualities they naturally came down to earth with.

I love focusing on these things the most and make efforts to mentor them in learning, as I set an example of learning myself, but I also like to make myself feel like the whole picture is well rounded by including the classics, other academic subjects, and outside experiences in their life as well.

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