Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because we are raising a hero generation.

Written by Claudia

There is something called the Millenial Generation. This is the generation that Neil Howe and William Strauss have identified as a Hero Generation. The Millennials have a very specific mission. They come of age during a crisis. They must have the wisdom, courage, diplomacy and virtue needed to lead us through it safely.

I believe there needs to be much more time and attention given to these virtues as I raise my children and I believe that if John and I sent them to school it wouldn't allow us the time, we feel is necessary, to instill these crucial virtues in them .

Some ways we instill these virtues in our children is by reading and discussing the classics, asking questions such as, "what would you do? or what do you think he/she should do?" We also study influential people lives and experiences, people such as Einstein, Florence Nightingale, George Washington, Leonardo da Vinci, or Helen Keller.

These people led amazing lives and one reason why they are remembered even today is because, keeping the above mentioned virtues in tact, they overcame serious obstacles.

As we keep an eye on what is happening in the world around us, (especially) in America, within our own state, and within our own neighborhood, we discuss these happenings, asking our children why they think people are reacting in such a way, why our economy would be doing such a thing, etc.

When the children are young we believe they are in a stage called "core phase". This stage is where they learn best what is good and bad. Therefore we focus on good, bad. Right, wrong. True, false.

We use the extra time we have together in studying the gospel in our morning devotionals, as we recognize and study what is good and what isn't. As we study the gospel, we also focus on recognizing the cycles people go through and what it is they do/turn to/ don't do, which brings different kinds of destruction to their people.

America is heading toward an ugly point in one of the four cycles which takes place within society. (Read the Fourth Turning) Because of this (and other factors) I feel that the things, which are most important, that my children will need to learn, which will help them become the best kind of people, are best taught in the home.

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